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Tips For Short Stay Apartment Hookups

While it’s acceptable to have sex in a short stay apartment, even in a hotel, or bed and breakfast, it’s always a good idea to maintain discretion. If you’re having sex in your Airbnb room, try to be as polite as possible in all situations. I still believe that one of the most important things about sex is that the host’s house should be treated the way you expect your guests to treat your own home.

Airbnb hosts in the US who want to maximise their profits should be careful. When sending out an invitation to a swinger party on Airbnb, include a list of rules and regulations.

Still, there seem to be some who really want to use Airbnb as a place for sex or bring someone back from a night out. We know that these types of spaces are very popular with travelers looking for an imaginative place to spend a few days away home.

But there are also single or divorced Airbnb hosts who rent out their space to make money and meet new people. Many Airbnb hosts are either married or just want to make some money by renting out their apartment. 

Mary, a jucydate.app user, tells us she had a one-night stand with the host at a seaside resort in England where she and two of her friends were learning to surf, and told her that it had happened somewhere outside England last year. 

Most couchsurfing hosts are looking for new people, but some end up with guests. While these encounters happen on a whim, both guests and hosts admit they look for users who are good-looking and open to connections – before booking or accepting a booking.

Some users told us they had slept with people and struck up deals on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb is unlikely to approve of such behavior: most guests who are “open-minded” about the connections are either single, divorced, married, or in a relationship with their host. 

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