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Sundance London ‘Could Become Regular Event’

Festival director John Cooper told C21: ‘We’re looking towards London again; we’re not planning on going to a new place every year.

‘We talked to a lot of American filmmakers and asked what the next frontier is, what do they need? It seemed like a lot of them weren’t getting outside the American borders so well, so we wanted to find a way, under the Sundance banner, to get films outside the US borders.’

The festival proved popular with many critics, with The Times’ Kate Muir saying it had been ‘a success’ and The Independent’s Kaleem Aftab writing that the film and music event had ‘proved a hit’.

Placebo and the siblings Rufus and Martha Wainwright’s performances were also warmly received, and a lot of the screenings were reportedly sold out.

‘Whatever the final verdict on the Sundance London film festival, at least it’s been a vehicle for unearthing new British film-making talent,’ The Telegraph’s David Gritten commented, applauding the fact the festival recognised emerging talents with a short film award.

The four-day event took place at London’s O2 Arena and featured a total of 27 films, many of them American dramas and documentaries.

Celebrities such as Paul Simon and Minnie Driver were among the guests, while Prince Charles personally introduced the documentary Harmony, which presents his views on the environment.

He told the audience: ‘All we wanted to do with this film is to show people that there is, perhaps, another way of looking at things now.’

Other film highlights included the US documentary The Queen Of Versailles and Under African Skies, a film about Paul Simon’s Graceland album.

Sundance London is the UK version of the Sundance film festival in Utah, the United States’ largest festival of independent cinema which was launched with the help of Robert Redford in 1978.

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