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How To Decorate Your Apartment: Easy Tips To Interior Decorating

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, or are looking to freshen up your current place, then you’re going to want to pick the right decorations to set the mood. If you’ve looked at some pictures of well decorated apartments, it may seem like it would be challenging or too expensive to recreate this for yourself, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article we’ll go over the best ways you can easily and cheaply decorate your apartment to create a great mood and impress your guests. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or family, or someone you just met on a dating app, then you’re going to want to give a good impression. You want to look like you’re a functioning adult who pays attention to details and has it together.

What to use to decorate your apartment

There are some basic things to start with, such as utilizing colors, textures and decorations that will make you feel at home. You can also add unique pieces that create unique spaces for yourself and your guests to enjoy. When you are setting the mood for the party, try and make it as warm and inviting as possible.

Sell your unwanted items. You can get a lot of great items for a very low price, depending on the condition of the items. Take the time to organize these things so they’re ready to be sold, and you’ll be able to bring in some extra cash in no time. You can set up an online selling account that will help you organize your inventory and connect you with potential buyers, and in no time you’ll be able to make some great money off your items.

How to decorate your bedroom

What do you really want to spend your money on when decorating a bedroom? It’s really a matter of preference; you can easily spend $1000 on new bedding, $500 on a lamp, $1000 on curtains, $500 on pillows, but those are the biggest things that a person can get for a bedroom, and it’s best to have a variety of items.

Get a little creative and change things up a little; toss some blankets on the bed and add some pillows, maybe dress up the lamp with a fun cover, or use old clothes and books to make your bed up as you wish.

Some bedroom essentials include a lamp, a TV, a bed frame, and pillows, so you’re sure to find something to match your bedroom. If you’re inviting someone over from a hookup app like Sex Sites then your bedroom may be the most important room to get right. Sure, they’ll see your living room first but you really want to make a good impression in the bedroom.

How to decorate your living room

Your living room is the place you spend the majority of your time when you’re at home, and so if you’re looking to impress guests then it’s a good place to start decorating. Decorating your living room doesn’t have to be difficult, though.

Try hanging a picture on your wall to add a splash of colour, maybe a wall mounted TV to get all the extra noise out, or even a unique throw or cushion to add some personality.

A strong rug or two can bring a touch of luxury to your living room too. Make sure it matches the colour scheme of your furniture, though.

It may be that you have to find a place for one or two things when decorating, such as TV or lighting, but these are small details and won’t take up much room, so most people won’t even notice.

How to decorate your kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in any apartment or home. Not only is it the room where the family congregates to eat and relax, but it’s also where you have to spend a lot of time. It’s usually the room you’re going to want to decorate first, as it should be the largest and easiest to arrange.

You can usually find great suggestions in magazines and articles, but there’s no substitute for actually seeing what others do. If you’re unsure where to start, the advice on interior decorating is almost always to start with an oilcloth runner and place a piece of nice porcelain or china on it. This will show guests exactly how valuable you think your things are and will also help to protect your surfaces.


These are the best tips to help you decorate your apartment without spending tons of money. These ways will make a simple home upgrade into a really cozy, classy apartment that is not only very affordable but also very cute. So start shopping for your favorite items, set a budget, and get started! Happy decorating!

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Tips For Short Stay Apartment Hookups

While it’s acceptable to have sex in a short stay apartment, even in a hotel, or bed and breakfast, it’s always a good idea to maintain discretion. If you’re having sex in your Airbnb room, try to be as polite as possible in all situations. I still believe that one of the most important things about sex is that the host’s house should be treated the way you expect your guests to treat your own home.

Airbnb hosts in the US who want to maximise their profits should be careful. When sending out an invitation to a swinger party on Airbnb, include a list of rules and regulations.

Still, there seem to be some who really want to use Airbnb as a place for sex or bring someone back from a night out. We know that these types of spaces are very popular with travelers looking for an imaginative place to spend a few days away home.

But there are also single or divorced Airbnb hosts who rent out their space to make money and meet new people. Many Airbnb hosts are either married or just want to make some money by renting out their apartment. 

Mary, a user, tells us she had a one-night stand with the host at a seaside resort in England where she and two of her friends were learning to surf, and told her that it had happened somewhere outside England last year. 

Most couchsurfing hosts are looking for new people, but some end up with guests. While these encounters happen on a whim, both guests and hosts admit they look for users who are good-looking and open to connections – before booking or accepting a booking.

Some users told us they had slept with people and struck up deals on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb is unlikely to approve of such behavior: most guests who are “open-minded” about the connections are either single, divorced, married, or in a relationship with their host. 

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Paris Pays Homage To ‘Alternative City’

Paris is paying tribute to the influence of Portland on alternative culture.

The six-day Keep Portland Weird festival got under way on April 24 at the Gaite Lyrique and its features might appeal to those with a penchant for things out of the ordinary.

Long considered the champion of alternative culture, Portland is synonymous with underground music, independent labels, environmental activism and farmers’ markets.

Furthermore, Portland’s inhabitants’ affinity for riding bikes has resulted in the League of American Bicyclists heaping praise on the city.

The city’s notoriety has increased in the past year or so with the emergence of cult TV show Portlandia, which has received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Keep Portland Weird features five nights of live music from the likes of Stephen Malkmus and Tara Jane O’Neil, while there is also a plethora of other attractions to keep visitors occupied.

These include screenings, discussions and broadcasts of Experimental Half-Hour, a bi-weekly television programme which features musical performances from Portland bands and other acts from farther afield.

Those food lovers attending the homage to the Pacific Northwest city might want to sample some of its culinary delights, with locally produced, organic and vegetarian cuisine on the menu.

Festival-goers travelling from the UK or other nearby countries might want to commemorate their visit to the event by purchasing a special vinyl album featuring songs by treasured Portland underground heroes such as Elliott Smith.

Do not despair if you are unable to visit the Gaite Lyrique while the festival is in full swing, for additional concerts and art installations will be held at the Centre Pompidou, the Centre Pompidou-Metz and the Lieu Unique in Nantes.

This is not the first time Paris has honoured different cultures from around the world, with the way of life of Istanbul and Berlin featured in recent festivals in the city.

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London 2012 Final Line-Up Announced

The complete London 2012 Festival line-up has been confirmed.

Stephen Fry and comedian Tim Minchin were the last names to join the 12-week Olympic arts celebration, which gets underway on June 21 and finishes on September 9.

Many of the 12,000 events will be held in London, but other events will be hosted in different parts of Britain too. The events range from major spectacles to much smaller celebrations.

Details of the extravaganza were unveiled at a launch event at the Tower of London this week, during which festival director Ruth Mackenzie said the festival would ‘showcase the best in international culture when the eyes of the world are on us this summer’.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who also attended the launch event, was keen to emphasis the diverse events that will take place, ‘from Beethoven to Jay-Z; from Shakespeare to Mike Leigh; from Stephen Fry to Wallace and Gromit’. He also revealed that the UK’s art institutions would be in ‘the global spotlight as really never before’.

Some 10 million free tickets will be made available to those people wishing to attend any one of the 12,000 events. Among the most popular gigs is likely to be Playing the Games, a two-week ‘comedic commentary’ on the Games at London’s Criterion Theatre, curated by Stephen Fry.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Mackenzie said: ‘It’s going to be pretty wild. Stephen has been a huge fan of this Olympics from the bid onwards.’

Meanwhile, Julie Walters, who appears in the BBC’s Shakespeare season and the National Theatre’s The Last of the Haussmans, revealed that she was ‘utterly thrilled’ to be part of the festivities.

However, the actress revealed that it came as a bit of a shock, adding: ‘I didn’t realise I was until a only a couple of weeks ago!’

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Sundance London ‘Could Become Regular Event’

Festival director John Cooper told C21: ‘We’re looking towards London again; we’re not planning on going to a new place every year.

‘We talked to a lot of American filmmakers and asked what the next frontier is, what do they need? It seemed like a lot of them weren’t getting outside the American borders so well, so we wanted to find a way, under the Sundance banner, to get films outside the US borders.’

The festival proved popular with many critics, with The Times’ Kate Muir saying it had been ‘a success’ and The Independent’s Kaleem Aftab writing that the film and music event had ‘proved a hit’.

Placebo and the siblings Rufus and Martha Wainwright’s performances were also warmly received, and a lot of the screenings were reportedly sold out.

‘Whatever the final verdict on the Sundance London film festival, at least it’s been a vehicle for unearthing new British film-making talent,’ The Telegraph’s David Gritten commented, applauding the fact the festival recognised emerging talents with a short film award.

The four-day event took place at London’s O2 Arena and featured a total of 27 films, many of them American dramas and documentaries.

Celebrities such as Paul Simon and Minnie Driver were among the guests, while Prince Charles personally introduced the documentary Harmony, which presents his views on the environment.

He told the audience: ‘All we wanted to do with this film is to show people that there is, perhaps, another way of looking at things now.’

Other film highlights included the US documentary The Queen Of Versailles and Under African Skies, a film about Paul Simon’s Graceland album.

Sundance London is the UK version of the Sundance film festival in Utah, the United States’ largest festival of independent cinema which was launched with the help of Robert Redford in 1978.

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Primark has opened a store on the outskirts of Madrid

The store is located in a new shopping centre in Majadahonda, and people planning holidays to Madrid may well fancy a short excursion to the centre to pick up a few bargains during their break.

However, they’ll have to set aside some time to get around the store – as it covers some 32,000 sq ft over two floors.

It is the 26th Primark outlet to be opened in Spain and the seventh in Madrid alone. Primark’s clothing range is proving particularly popular across Europe, as it now has 236 outlets across the continent.

The latest addition to that list was opened in Majadahonda by Spanish fashion entrepreneur Covadonga O’Shea. A descendant of an Irish family which left the Emerald Isle in the 17th century for the warmer climate of Malaga, Ms O’Shea founded Isem, Spain’s first fashion business school, back in 2001.

Primark chief executive Paul Marchant said: ‘We are honoured to have someone of Irish descent open our store given Primark’s roots in Ireland.’

Primark director Breege O’Donoghue added: ‘When we open in a new country, we like to look for educational establishments to make a link and as she is the president of a fashion business college, we called her up and as a result built a good relationship with her in Spain. Two of her MBA students worked in our Dublin office last year.’

The firm’s Spanish invasion is not finished there, for Primark plans to open another seven shops in the country later this year. At present, it employs 3.500 people in the country and its sales growth continues to buck retail trends.

Meanwhile, Primark is not the only company to boost its presence in Madrid recently. Apple opened its third store in the city last week, taking the total number of outlets in Spain to six.

The Apple store is located in the north-west of the city in the Centro Comercial Gran Plaza 2 shopping centre. Its opening hours are from 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday, but it does not open on Sundays.

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Designer Apartments at Great Prices

Whether you’re planning a city break on a budget, or looking for a luxury penthouse, we’ll have the perfect apartment rental.

Before joining our portfolio, every apartment is hand-picked and visited by a member of the Loving Apartments team, to ensure it ticks all the boxes for size, décor, location, service and value for money.

Our apartments offer high quality furnishings, and a stylish décor, that quite often reflects the culture and character of the city.

Budget apartments are comfortable, spacious and affordable, offering fully equipped facilities for self-catering accommodation. Our luxury collection includes a range of pristine penthouses, sophisticated studios and designer developments, sure to add a touch of class to any city getaway.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can select apartments that offer balconies, sun terraces and swimming pools for a relaxing choice of stay. With great locations, in the centre of each city, many apartments also offer spectacular city views, and enable you to truly immerse yourself in the city culture, surrounded by local communities, rather than other tourists!

Staying in an apartment is a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation and gives you a fabulous personal space to enjoy your holiday in.

When browsing our selection of apartments, you can be assured of the quality of each apartment from our personal visits and honest descriptions and photos.