Sexting has gotten a lot more visual and exciting due to emojis, but that means you have to figure out the sexiest one’s to incorporate into your conversations. You could probably make the majority of them sexual if you actually tried but if you want a little cheat sheet then take a sneak peak of the most popular ones being used.

It doesn’t matter where you end up putting these suckers in the message; you can even replace some words with them because the meaning is pretty clear. Don’t get too carried away, just kidding make sure you even use multiple emoji’s at the same time to get your message across.

1. Peach:

Obviously, a fair representation of a booty so make sure you incorporate this into the conversation whether you’re talking about your butt or your the person you are sexting. This cute fruit emoji didn’t have a chance when it perfectly depicted a nicely rounded booty that should be used when you’re craving some late night booty. Heck even put this emoji next to the contacts that are your booty calls and sexting partners because we all know that at the end of any sexting conversation you’re more than likely getting some ass by the end of the night.

2. Eggplant:

Alright, don’t make me spell this one out for you. Ladies can definitely tease men by letting them know all the things they want to do to their “eggplant” which goes straight into our next emoji. By putting the big tongue and eggplant together, you’re putting together the perfect blowjob image that will resonate with your lovers head getting them off by not even using any words, only pure imagination.

3.Big Tongue:

This one can be utilized for all kinds of sexting, whether you’re just starting off with the first base stuff or going straight into the nasty, kinky shit that we all tend to love at some point.

4.Water Drops:

Just like the other emojis, this one goes well with a variety of the other sexual ones. Nothing makes someone wetter than knowing that you’re currently wet and aroused yourself. Make sure you add these to the big tongue so that you’re getting your message across that you’re planning on making whatever your mouth touches all wet and slippery.

5. Smiling Devil:

This is just hinting that you’re in the mood and feeling a little naughty, but it’s definitely a perfect one to start a conversation on. The second you send that little sucker out, your opposing sexter should know what kind of mood you’re in and hopefully partake in the sexy convo.

Trust me, these emojis are going to come in clutch when you’re at a loss for words, or you don’t have many fingers to spare because you’re already getting down to business. Make sure you keep the sexual mood in tact by sending these little visuals because leaving it up to someone’s imagination may end up being sexier than the full on videos and pictures.

Learn more about sexting emoji’s from the video below!