You would think that there shouldn’t be any rules to having a fuckbuddy because it’s technically not a relationship. Wrong. It’s just as easy to fuck up a good fuck buddy thing as a full blown out relationship so take a look.

1. Do Have An Agreement:

This type of situation should be confronted in the beginning, so no one is left clueless as to whether this kind of relationship will progress into something more serious in the future. If you already know that you can’t see a future with this person but would love to continue having meaningless sex then make sure they know that. Don’t try to trick someone into being intimate with you by manipulating their feelings or using your charm to woo them into the bedroom.

2. Do Not Have It Be A Friend:

There is a fine line between a fuck buddy and friends with benefits so make sure you’re not mixing the two. Once you start being sexual with a friend things can get a little too tricky, and there is a higher chance that someone will get attached due to prior emotional attachment of friendship. If it’s a mutual friend that you don’t really know anything about, then I don’t see why you can act on your physical attraction but make sure you don’t put the mutual friend into the middle of it all and end up ruining that friendship.

3. Do Have A Safe Word:

Sometimes people take sex to the next level especially if you legitimately have a person you call just to come over to have sex with. Sex is a great stress reliever, and many people can take it to the extreme when they are trying to work things out in their mind or physically release themselves from anything they’re going thru. Establish this in the beginning, even more so if your sex involves bondage or any experimenting that is foreign to you. It doesn’t mean that you’re sexually inexperienced if you want a safe word, you can make it more into a game to test each other’s limit but letting the other know that you do have one.

4. Do Not Do Pillow Talk:

This is where feelings grow, and people can get attached to talking after the fact and getting to know each other on a personal level. There’s something about laying naked, satisfied and vulnerable that makes people feel really close which inevitably leads to more than physical attraction.

5. Do Stay Protected:

Just because you get comfortable with someone sexually doesn’t mean that they aren’t sleeping around themselves. Even if they are your main squeeze when it comes to getting frisky doesn’t mean that they aren’t going around town whenever you aren’t available. So in that sense make sure you are continuing to protect yourself and body regardless of how many times you’ve literally slept with this person. Also keep in mind that since you both consider each other “fuck buddies” you might have a little trouble committing to a baby if you don’t use protection.

Learn more about the guidelines for fuckbuddies from the video below! Or if you’re looking for more fuckbuddy tips check out this fuckbuddy blog.