5 Places To Find A Fuck Buddy

As appealing as the term fuck buddy sounds there is a lot more planning and executing than just wanting someone to have sex with constantly. Finding the right person to engage with is key and making sure you’re exhausting all your resources is important to fill this spot.

1. Social Media:

Through all the scrolling, liking and commenting it’s easy to get lost within different profiles and message someone you find attractive. It does help if you have some interest in common or connection, so the other person will believe you’re credible. Slide into their DM’s through Instagram or send them a message request over Facebook and start the conversation. Chances are they will be flattered, you’ll hit it off, and the rest is history.

2. Bar:

Depending on the bar you go to and the scene the type of people you would be interacting with will differ. Obviously, if it’s a crowded and rowdy one, then there are plenty of opportunities to interact and be social with others. Many young bachelors and bachelorette’s go out to burn off some steam and what better way to do that than having meaningless hot sex with a stranger. With a tiny bit of conversation, you both could come to the conclusion that you would like to see each other but only in sexual terms. If someone is willing to put out the first night, then there shouldn’t be any hesitation on continuing the fun without it having to get too serious.

3. Mutual Friend:

This happens a little too frequently where your friends introduce you to an old high school friend or even an acquaintance they met through another friend. Well, you’re going to be more trusting from word of mouth so being open tonight outs and meeting new people will help in this search.


Chances are you’re in a great mood drinking, dancing and hanging out with your friends and might I add a little horny. You’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who presented themselves in their best attire to impress the crowd so if you find a mutual attraction with someone it can easily lead to a one night stand. Instead of keeping it as a one night stand make sure you’re clear about your intentions and that you want to keep this sexual thing going on. It’s hard to pass up a real sexual encounter on a regular basis, so if you know what you’re doing in the sheets, you’ll definitely be getting a call to keep the rendezvous going.

5. Dating Apps:

Last but not least the more obvious place to find someone to be sexual with and having no strings attached is the various online dating apps available. There are many different options and ways to let people know on your profile bio that you’re looking for something strictly sexual to which you will only match with people who are on the same level.

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